Városok - Cities

There are numerous places I have visited during my travels and I took pictures of whatever interesting and nice I saw. In these pages I collected them. Some bear comments, some not - and as a lot of my pictures are yet in boxes due to my move from Budapest to Luxembourg, they are not "representative" - but they will not necessarily be representative as they will always reflect my view.

Szinte mindenütt, ahol megfordultam, lefényképeztem, amit érdekesnek vagy szépnek találtam. Ezekből a képekből gyűjtöttem össze ezeken az oldalakon. Miután költözésem miatt sok kép még dobozban van, a bemutatott képek nem reprezentálják a városok "hivatalos" arculatát - talán soha nem is fogják, mert az én megítélésemet tükrözik.

Meanwhile I started a pilot for an interactive map of Luxembourg on Google and here (the latter is about Kirchberg, the Luxembourg EU, administration and banking district, a showcase of modern architecture).

I am a little in delay but here are two pictures of Berlin - further to come: Checkpoint Charlie from the East and from the West.

Sarreguemines and its museum of the faience

Nahe and Rhine

Saarburg and boat trip on the Saar

Annevoie and Dinant

Luzern and Basel

Christmas fair in Strasbourg


Chagall exhibition in Metz


Forgotten neighbours - exhibition in Pápa

Colpach castle and park

Lisbon and Cascais

Amiens, Soissons and Guise



Distillery museum in Butzdorf-Tettingen 

Balaton and the hills and cities to its north





Orval Abbey

Excursion to Malmédy, the beautiful basilica of Avioth and Marville

The Ardennes - Waha and Marche en Famenne

Mayen and the castle of Bürresheim

London and Bath

Herzogenbusch, the city of Hieronymus Bosch

Vaux le Vicomte castle

Salzburg, Hallstatt and winter in the Alps




Monreal, a pictoresque village in the Eifel region

Brüsszel - Brussels - Bruxelles





Bruges, Gent  is now itt/here)

A Romantikus országút (Romantic road in Germany) now itt/here

A Rajna mente városai (The Rhine) now itt/here, itt/here and itt/here

Folyt. köv. - to be continued